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10 Most Anticipated Films of 2016: Jordan’s Take

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Batman vs Superman Will Batman vs Superman live up to the hype?

Accounting for both cinema and home audiences, 2016 appears to have a strong line up of blockbuster and awards fair, as well as independent and genre offerings worth getting excited for.

Cultured viewers will appreciate franchises such as Underworld returning, hopefully as immaculately constructed as ever, and I’m predicting some quality to be found in an adaptation of one of 2015’s most popular novels. Please note also that these films are included based on their Australian release dates, and some may have already been released in other territories.

Of course sometimes the very best films are the ones that come out of nowhere and don’t feature on these types of lists, but I hope you can agree and see reason to be excited about the below 10 titles!

For Eddie’s list of most anticipated films click here.

Plot summaries from IMDb


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