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Swan Boy


Today I’m going to be talking about the beautiful Swan Boy by the wonderful Nikki Sheehan which is not released until 5th May 2016.

I received a copy of Swan Boy via Rocktheboat (I also got a freaky awesome bookmark too!) in exchange for an honest review. And I can assure you this is an fantastic book! I gave it 5/5 Stars on goodreads.

Firstly, here is a look at this gorgeous cover.


From the cover I imagined the story to have something to do with Swans, a boy and London from the red bus.

I was not wrong.

Swan Boy is about a boy called Johnny who has recently moved from his home with his younger brother and mum after his dad sadly died unexpectedly.

Normally a book with a young child in can be a bit… put off-ish. But Sheehan captured the essence of what being a kid…

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