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Making Friends in the Real World



California is the perfect place for my career to prosper. I moved out here one month after graduation and landed a pretty sweet job. It’s been such a wonderful experience. The weather is lovely. I live in an area that reminds me of my home state. My work environment is pretty ideal.


The downside? Making friends wasn’t easy. When you’re not a social butterfly (or a “typical” clubbing 20something) it can be difficult. For those of us that fall under this “atypical” category, we socially thrive in places that we frequent.

In our younger days this would’ve been classroom settings and extracurricular activities. Post-graduation it’s typically at the job. This is especially true for me given that a normal work week is 60-65 hours.

I’m not fond of mixing business with personal. If I choose to hang out with a co-worker we have to have a strong connection at work. I’m very particular. If things don’t go well we still have to work together (insert hostile work environments and other harassment issues); so it’s important to choose wisely.


My lack of desire to leave home (other than running errands) and “irrational fear” of wasting my time meeting people I won’t like, made me a bit of a lost cause. Luckily I managed to befriend co-workers that are in different departments and a few that work in the same vicinity for different companies. They understand my long work hours and we even squeeze in time to meet up during the work day.


The question remains: If making friends at work isn’t an option, how do you make friends?

If you’re willing to go out and meet people you can join a pick-up team on Meetup. There are also a few friend-finding apps that have received pretty good reviews. The main three seem to be WiithNearify, and LykeMe.


I haven’t built up the courage to try them. Perhaps these apps will work for you. If you’ve tried them before I’d love to hear about your experience. Seriously, help your fellow bloggers out. What’s your method?



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