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Becca Glow on the Go Highlighter Review + Demo!

Lash-Eyed Beauty

Shining bright like a diamond was never really an issue for me.

I mean, that was all thanks to my oily skin. Now that I have got my oils under control (for the most part), I don’t shine very often. What I’m looking to achieve now is a beautiful, natural glow. Something similar to this:

Image taken from

Okay, maybe something a little less drastic than that.

If you saw my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette post, then you know I’m a beginner when it comes to contouring. Well, same goes for highlighting/strobing, it’s really foreign to me and so I’m a little cautious when it comes to applying highlighter (trying to avoid looking like the above picture).

So one fateful day in December, I went to Sephora to initially shop for presents for my sister. I was actually doing pretty well with staying on track and…

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