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All she seems to talk about is her hair – 18th June 1998

If Destroyed Still True

Thursday 18thI’ve been feeling a bit left out of everything for the last couple of days. It might just be me being sensitive bit it feels as if nobody really cares I’m there.

– Emma’s too busy with Freddie all the time and all she seems to talk about is her hair and how many spots she has today.

– Hayley would rather I wasn’t here at all coz she’s decided she wants a boyfriend so has started fancying Ferny again and, of course, I’m competition aren’t I?

– Ralph just doesn’t give a toss about me anymore which is a big difference from the beginning of last week.

– Rachael went to Emma’s house last night and they phoned Freddie and evidently they were talking about me. I dunno what was said though.

– Ed seems to think I’ve been telling Dougie (James Douglas) things about him…

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