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City Review: Madrid


Madrid is the capital of Spain and not only a popular touristic destination, but also important when it comes to business purposes. Especially the Town Hall and Palacio Real are impressive, but the city has a lot to offer in general. Our city review shows you what we discovered in Madrid!

First, our way led us past the National Museum and National Library.

National Museum and Library Madrid

The National Library of Spain was founded in 1712 and is thus older than 300 years!

Strolling through alleys

One very special thing about Madrid is that there are huge streets as well as very small alleys.

Alley Madrid

Strolling around in Madrid, we were able to watch incredible architecture which is mostly historic.

Congress of Deputies Madrid Congress of Deputies Madrid

One example for that is the building which houses the Congress of Deputies!

Botanical Garden Madrid

Honestly, I’m not quite sure why we invested the small extra fee to be able…

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