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Book Haul: Jan 2016 // Cover-love! *drools*

Book Enthral

12633040_566860866799358_1354002822_oSo I wanna say I was good this month! I didn’t spend outrageously, yet I still managed to get a good number of books! Do you think we could actually count this as a… Success?????!!!

After finishing Shatter Me earlier this month, I had to go see how the rest of the series was going to go! THOSE EYES ON THE COVER ARE ACTUALLY GORGEOUS!  After seeing the whole series, my favourite’s got to be Ignite Me (BRB while I die over this cover!). I’ll hopefully get to devouring the rest of this series next month!

Also, because I loved – like, actually fangirl so hard forSnow Like Ashes, I needed to know what was going to happen in Ice Like Fire! I’m so excited!! I have heard she’s not with the guy I ship her with in this book though, so poo!


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