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When Women Become Adults

Sex and Living with Your Parents

I’ll start by saying that the inspiration for writing this came to me when I read this article by The Atlantic, “When are you really an adult?”

It’s on my mind a lot. After all, I live with my parents. Unfortunately, I think our culture gets it straight up wrong when it comes to women becoming adults.

A gown up woman is what I need to be, or so I’ve heard. If I’m not actively dating anyone, it means I’ve eschewed marriage all together.

I’m asexual.

I would not be discussing this topic if people were not so damn presumptuous with me on the topic of getting married or having children. Maybe some sense in me a sign of struggle when they look at my tired eyes. The truth is, I am struggling.

The difference between their perceptions and my own is that any time I’m “struggling,” it’s because I’m…

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