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Fighting the Comparison Trap

The Millennial Next Door


I’ve always been competitive as a runner. Not with others, but with myself. Those of you who know me and read this blog have likely gathered that when it comes to running, I’m motivated by success: I’m always chasing the newest PR, the next breakthrough, and the better race performance. For better or worse, this self-competitiveness is just part of my nature.

Competitiveness isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In healthy doses it can be highly motivating and propel us to great achievements. The problem is that it’s all too easy for competition, even if it’s just internal, to get out of control. Without the watchful eye of mindfulness, competition can easily wander off into dark places, and we often find ourselves projecting our internal competition onto the people around us. In simpler terms: we fall victim to the deadly “comparison trap.” What good is the 2:10 half marathon…

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