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Cape Town: Top things to do and see


Cape Town is big, Cape Town is colorful, Cape Town is buzzing and the question is rather what to do not in Cape Town than what to do there at all. The second biggest city of South Africa after Johannesburg has a rich history which has influenced Cape Town ever since. As there are so many lovely things to do and see, what to do and see best in Cape Town?

  1. Get up early for Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the most popular and outstanding landmarks of Cape Town. Not any surprisingly, everyone visiting Cape Town wants to get up that mountain. The thing is just that there is often fog so that you cannot enjoy great views. Plus, it appears to happen that you have to wait incredibly long for a ride, even two hours + in low season!

south africa, cape townCape Town Cableway

So, if you really want to get up…

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