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Making Myself Sick and Running Plans (Weekly Recap 5)

Adventures in Verdance

LakeA walk around the lake with Mike, Trisha, and Eggs the dog.

  • Here’s a secret: I haven’t had a full day off since 2015 and I think I made myself sick. Or a ghost made me sick. I can’t decide. Too much Sudafed. 10-12 hour days are not my bag. I’ll be working harder to include efficiency into my routine in the future.
  • Related: I got a few new clients. Hooray for a viable business!
  • I had one real resolution for the year: To keep myself accountable by running a race every month this year. So far, I’ve registered for the Warbird Virtual 5k for this month and I am a paycheck away from registering for the Krispy Kreme Challenge next month. I might also sign up for the Leap Day Virtual 5k, because I am susceptible to all of the marketing tactics involved there. I’m also planning on running…

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