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She Be Kale-in It | Kate Van Horn

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I’m Kate and I believe that through a balanced lifestyle, we as individuals can thrive. I have always been passionate about health and wellness. My love for vegan foods and mindful living started from a place of compassion both for myself and others. I have overcome struggles in the past, and have utilized that strength to find what brings me passion and joy. I currently use my creativity through cooking, photographing and writing about my food to not only help others interested, but also to hold myself accountable and focused on my recovery.

Through this lifestyle, and with the help mediation and yoga, I was able to overcome my eating disorder. Overcoming this obstacle brought a sense of peaceful empowerment. To feel comfortable in your skin is freeing and I want that for every one of my readers. I describe this confidence and positive outlook as “kale-in it”. I want to stay positive, and allow other’s my h age to understand that the struggles we have overcome or currently face do not determine our futures.


She Be Kale-in It

nourish. balance. thrive.

Lifestyle (Food & Culture, Inspiration)

Ah, I have so many goals for I hope it leads me to a place that allows me to help more individuals as they overcome eating disorders. I plan to get yoga teacher certified soon- and maybe through yoga and good food I can promote a positive healthy body image.

I want my readers to understand that eating this way does not have to be difficult, expensive or out of reach. I plan to eventually put together a book of my recipes- that would be a huge accomplishment.

Most importantly I continue learning about and promoting a balanced lifestyle- and helping others through my learning. As I have been collaborating with others I have noticed how strong we are in numbers. I notice this particularly on social media- it is a wonderful way to connect with others who may be new to veganism and curious about it, or just want some meat-free recipe inspiration. To me it’s about building a sense of community that allows for compassion for each other, other beings, our earth. It may seem out of reach or altruistic now- but it has to be done! And I truly believe that we as millennials have that ability.


What was the last book you read without skipping any pages?
Diet for a New America by John Robbins. It is the most eye opening book I have read in quite some time. He had an amazing approach of presenting the facts around factory farming and animal cruelty as well as addressing the current health of our society. It explored the effects of our consumption on not only our bodies but the environment. As millennials it is crucial that we understand our impact, and promote change for the future that we are shaping for ourselves.

What’s your favorite 80s or 90s memory?
My fondest memory was the constant struggle of deciding if I was more of a Backstreet Boys or N*Sync fan. If I was really unsure, peer feedback was always available from AOL Instant Messenger.

Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans?
I love spending time in Philly, which is the city closest to me.  A perfect day would be spent strolling through this fun city. I would stop by a farmer’s market (they have amazing ones!) and I would absolutely have a cold brew coffee or a matcha green tea latte in hand. Seasonal ingredients always inspire me to try new recipes.  I love visiting one of the many yoga studios there, and would treat myself to a long restorative class. There are also many fabulous vegan restaurants nearby- so dinner and laughter with  friends would be a must.

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