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What is G.U.M?


G.U.M is a company geared towards bringing the millennial community together through the common love of 80s & 90s nostalgia and our never-ending battle with adulthood.

From quarter life crises to unconventional career paths (YouTubing, Blogging, etc.) we aim to foster an environment of support, positive interactions, and collaborations.

In a nutshell…

We are the twenty-somethings and (early) thirty-somethings that realized no one prepared us for adulthood. The ones who don’t want to spend the next 40+ years sitting through a 9 to 5 job that we hate.The ones that are settling down and starting families AND the ones who are watching and are far from ready. The ones that are eager to be self employed, have money that makes itself, travel the world, be fit, and in style.The ones that are last to remember a life that wasn’t tech heavy and first to grow up with ever-evolving technology. The ones who strive to figure out the secret to work-life-balance and “having our shit together.” We are the ones that hate the negative connotation older generations associate with millennials (and they don’t even know who we are), but we know…

We are (proud) millennials.