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Cookies + Sangria | Traci Doromal & Molly Dougherty


We met in high school, thanks to the alphabetizing system teachers have been using since the 1800s to seat kids in their desks for homeroom. We’ve always found the same things were funny, and in 2013 we started Cookies + Sangria hoping that other people had the same sensibilities. Now we live on opposite sides of the country and – just like passing notes in homeroom back in 2002 – we use the blog to share the things we think are funny with each other and our internet friends.

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Your Internet BFFs
Life, Arts & Entertainment, 90s, with a sprinkle of humor

We started Cookies + Sangria with the goal of writing the things we’d like to read ourselves. This means finding the funny side of everything from Lifetime movies to home decorating trends, fashion missteps to life as adults. We’d love for our blog to be the place where our Internet friends and like-minded (or not) readers take a break for some humor and entertainment every day – the blog they look forward to reading with their morning coffee, on their lunch break, or late-night procrastination sessions.


What was the last book you read without skipping any pages?
Dawson’s Creek: A Capeside Christmas (Molly sent it to my years ago, and I started reading it in preparation to attend a DC Writers’ Room reunion panel. It’s as good as it sounds. Which is not.)

What is the most random thing you’ve all the way through on Netflix?
Frontline: Secret State of North Korea (for the record – it was really good).

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you have seen?
Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show  – backstage, during commercial breaks, the after party, all of it.


What was the last book you read without skipping any pages?
Technically Superfudge, but my nephew read some of the chapters to me. It really holds up. Otherwise: Fun Home (if it can have pictures); Orphan Train (if it can’t).

What is your weirdest scar and how did you get it?
I leaned on a wet counter, my hands flew out from under me, and I landed nose-first on a sharp cupboard hinge. Five stitches later, I have a scar across the tip of my nose that burns in the sun — like Harry Potter around a dementor, if you will.

What age do you feel right now?
Twenty-nine and all the things ages came before it. Have you ever read Eleven by Sandra Cisernos? Like that: each year inside the next one. I’m actually 28, but I have a fall birthday and as a kid I got in the habit of mentally rounding up my age as soon as my friends started turning a year older.


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