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Don’t Go To College

How Do I Grown Up

My senior year of high school, I was burned out, I was exhausted, I’d busted my butt in extracurriculars, carried an active social life and maintain pretty good marks for 13 years. I was ready for a break; college didn’t look all that appetizing.


But my parents, my friends, and my teachers told me to just go to college. Go and experience. Go and learn. Go and be free. So I did.

At the time there weren’t other options, or at least none that I knew about. I could go to college or I could live with my parents and work in town.

All the great wise men told me that college would get me a career, it was the only thing that would.

So I went. And I experienced. And I think I learned, though probably not what was on the syllabus.


College was…not fun for me, it wasn’t…

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