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Stocking Stuffers // Hers

Ordinary Adventures

Honestly, my favorite gifts are always in my stocking. I never really received or was even a huge fan of bigger gifts. Getting a whole goodie bag of my favorite little stuff is the best way to my heart. I’ve also come to find, that for most people, this is the hardest part of Christmas shopping! So if you wantsome cute but inexpensive gift ideas, or need to stuff that stocking, here’s some items she’s sure to love!

*hint * Drew * hint*

davwcraSticky Notes- Second to stocking stuffers, my favorite thing to get is little notes. What makes a little note even better? It being written on cute stationary! I love these innovative, fun stickies that have been out and popular for a while now. There’s so many cute sayings and fun messages, there’s sure to be one you will want to leave around.

Fuzzy socks- Is…

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