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Special fondness

Let's talk about the L word!

As you’ve loved, you came to see that true love is rarely felt, and when it happens, it can be easily pointed out. Not saying we’re sure of its existence or strength right from the start but as we awake to the conscience of its presence, we know and we won’t let go.

A first love is what it takes to savour its power, the following experiences may be mistakes, unsteady passions, breezy feelings so that the third shot will be charmful and real, and charm is now something you can distinguish with ease, as you’re currently an experimented lover. It took time, a lot of it, and sleepless nights spent thinking of said time, a time that ran only in your heart, never in her head.

Your taste in people is elevated now, you with your master’s degree in Feeling Rationalization pinned to your shirt, walk the city, unrushed, freely admiring all the beauty that unnoticed, would call you every time you plodded down that same…

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