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Movie Review – ‘Brooklyn’ is Perfectly Pleasant and More!

Ice the Burn

brooklyn_ver2_xlgI went in knowing nothing about this film. I googled the film, saw that Rotten Tomatoes had a 99% approval rating, IMDB had 8/10 and Metacritic had around 87%. Naturally I figured this film would be good, but I had no idea in what regard, so I didn’t go in with many expectations except knowing that I would probably like it. And I did. It seems like a very simple film – Immigrant comes to New York, adjusts to life, meets a boy, then the plot eventually thickens. But the whole process seemed more meaningful and relevant – particularly due to problems with immigration today and how they never truly end just after a person gets admitted into a country. There are several elements to it – adjusting to culture, dealing with homesickness, and meeting new people. Brooklyn offers that and more with a plot set in the 1950s and…

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