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I Have a Bad Feeling About This

My 20-Year Diary

inside the mall

06/10/01: Today we went to the Mall of America. Oh my gosh, it’s so huge! It has five floors and a bunch of rides and stuff. There is basically a whole amusement park called Camp Snoopy that’s inside. And guess what?! You can also get married in the mall! Haha. We ate at a restaurant called the Rainforest Café, which was sooo cool. It was designed as a real rainforest with moving mechanical animals and there were fake storms where everything got dark, there was thunder, and things vibrated. It was awesome. Then I rode on a roller-coaster which was inside, and there was a log ride with a huge drop. That was fun. I bought a football for Jordan and got a lot of new clothes for myself. We went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour, and then walked to a restaurant called Baker’s Square…

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