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To The Boy Who Was Never My Boyfriend

Rosie Culture

To: you.

Even when you set boundaries and even when you make rules – everything and anything can be broken.

It always starts out so simple. Physical. Easy. But emotions tip toe their way in and create a large and tangled mess. I was left with so many pieces and you still seemed whole. You seemed fine, like you didn’t care at all. Did you care at all?

You weren’t my boyfriend – I wouldn’t have ever dared to call you my boyfriend. But we laughed a lot and we kissed a lot. And sometimes you’d put your arm around my shoulders at a party. And sometimes you’d tell me how much you liked me.

But did you even like me at all?

Nothing was ever defined so we were free to do as we pleased. No emotions and no ties. But there were so many emotions and broken ties…

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