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Little Ondine Nail Polish: An Odourless + Peelable Favourite!

Chronic Pain Cockney - The Little Things

I always think it’s a good sign when a blogger reviews a product line for the first time then continues purchasing & using the products afterwards. I have used Little Ondine nail polishes many times since my first post & I’m wearing a newly purchased shade right now, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show it you guys 😊.

The navy blue shade is called Jubilee and the base & top is Secret. But first things first; here are the reasons I have become obsessed with this brand:

  • The formula is totally odourless! This is a huge deal for people like me who live with Chronic Daily Migraine; most of us are sensitive to fragrances and they can actually trigger physical pain.
  • It’s peelable. When you want to change colour you can literally peel it off, usually in one whole nail shaped piece!
  • These polishes contain no chemicals. This…

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