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Macadamia Nut-Crusted Chicken with Lemon Dressing

Hello Honey Blog

Nut crusted chicken

It’s December – the best time of the year – and officially summer holiday in South Africa. Without college, my day-to-day has been left with an almost empty schedule and a lot of  unproductive free time. I’ve had to physically pull myself away from the allure of binge watching series (I’m talking  The Mindy Project all day, errryday) or watching Hotline Bling remakes over and over (so, so good). As  fulfilling as both of those things might sound, after a day or two of doing them (okay fine a week) I needed to take a step away from technology. It’s always the right time to start doing things that make your soul happy and I really want to cherish the free time I have while on holiday.  So here I am, experimenting every damn day in the kitchen because my heart either belongs there or on a beach somewhere in

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