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Genes and Addiction by Lisa Ann Catano

The David and Christina Show

Dr Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who was at the University of Wisconsin cloning human muscle cells, is best known for challenging the existing belief which purports that the human body is controlled by genes. In his video The Biology of Perception, he demonstrates to the audience using basic science combined with research material from his experiments on stem cells dating back to 1967, that contrary to belief perception controls biology.  Dr Lipton explains and I summarise:

In one of his experiments a stem cell was isolated and put into a petri dish (a cell-culture dish) where it divided every ten hours. The cells were then split up into three groups and placed into separate petri dishes. In each of the three dishes the growth medium was changed which is the constituents of the environment. Surprisingly in the first dish the cells formed bone, in the second dish…

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