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Hotel Preview: The New York EDITION


The New York EDITION is located in the Metropolitan Life Tower, once the tallest building in New York. This special location makes The New York EDITION a real gem in the booming Flatiron District. Just a few steps away from Madison Square Garden, The New York Edition brings together modern design and relaxed lifestyle in 273 uniquely designed rooms.

There was rarely any hotel in New York besides The Knickerbocker New York which got so much attention when opening as The New York EDITION. The lifestyle brand which is associated with Marriott opened a new luxury hotel in The Metropolitan Life Tower, one of the most popular skyscrapers in the city.

The New York EDITON Lobby Lobby (Image Source: The New York EDITION /

Due to its spectacular shaping, all rooms at The New York EDITION are somewhat special and were designed just for this single property.

Rooms at The New York EDITION


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