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They Just Had to Be Jerks

My 20-Year Diary


11/03/00: Tonight Cara and I were going to go to a movie, but the stupid people who work there wouldn’t let us in because it was rated R. Uggghh! I have gotten into every other rated R movie, but they just had to be jerks. We decided to walk down the street to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead. Even though it’s a kid’s place, we went there to play some games and re-live our childhood days. Anyway, I haven’t talked to Sime in over a week, and that is really unusual. I have no clue where he’s been or what he’s doing. I hope he’s okay…

11/11/00: Last night I spent the night at Cara’s house. It was pretty cool. We watched The Exorcist II and it totally sucked! That was the only bad part of the sleepover. Today I was grounded and didn’t get to go out, so I was…

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