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Keep your promise


In my culture, words that came out of someone’s mouth is deem as a promise unless otherwise stated. One does not casually said something and meant other things. In all aspects, this will destroy trust, respect and perhaps kill off any relationship. Particularly in the business world.

horse-654840_640In the business world, partnerships counted heavily on trust and reliance on one another. One misstep could led to dire repercussions. In Chinese, we have one saying “君子一言、驷马难追。” It means a nobleman must keep his promise. Once a nobleman gave his promise, sturdy horses won’t be able to chase the promise out.

I once had a director who used to give out empty promises as if he is dishing out sweets to everyone. The company I worked for has very good conducive working environment, every colleagues enjoyed and even excelled in their roles however, the director tends to spoil everything people work for…

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