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The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis // An Adorable 10-Year-Old & All The Feels

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4.5 stars

Firstly, I need to ask, WHY THE HELL MORE PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THIS BOOK??!! The One Thing is an awe inspiring book that makes takes you through the whole emotional spectrum, and has crazy awesome characters. If you haven’t read this, which I know a lot of you haven’t, YOU NEED TO! I started around 9ish at night and read through to ten to 4 in the morning because I JUST COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

Maggie lost her site six months ago due to bacterial meningitis, along with her bright soccer future, her close relationship with her mother, and all of her friends. One day while at her probation officers office (a small prank) Maggie slips, knocks her head and then suddenly a miracle occurs, she can see, but only Ben. This start’s Maggie becoming best friends with a 10 year old, crushing on his older brother…

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