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Kissed someone

Of life she writes.

I kinda have a confession.

A confession that’s not really a confession since I don’t have anybody to confess it to.

It’s not a confession because I didn’t do anything wrong but at the same time I feel like I did.

And maybe confession isn’t the right word

Or admission.

Maybe there is no right word.

But It’s just something I’m compelled to say.

Something so on the top of my tongue that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t stop them from being said.

I kissed someone today.

And it wasn’t you.

I mean, hah, it could’ve been.

I wasn’t kissing you but I felt like I was.

Maybe just the first three seconds.

And then it hit me.


Kind of like a bucket of water, but It’s neither too hot or too cold but you still feel the wetness and uncomfortableness of sitting in the same clothes…

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