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Interviewsday: Employment Edition

How Do I Grown Up

In light of recently being fired, I sat down with one of my favorite coworkers ever, Francis, who, as I mentioned quit without notice after I was asked to leave.*

Francis is not only one of the most talented human beings I’ve ever met, but also such a deeply kind individual. It is impossible to meet her and not instantly fall in love with her. So, I interviewed her about the ins and outs of bad jobs, when to get out, and what a good job should look like.

Here we go! (And don’t forget to check Francis’ awesome movie blog out here)

How Do I Grown Up: I suppose we could say it’s been a whirlwind week for both of us. You had  a lovely vacation with a wonderful boyfriend, only to come back to total chaos. How’re you feeling about everything?

Francis: I am honestly feeling much better…

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