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Hospitals shouldn’t be prisons: the case of Hannah G

Oh, the places you'll go

So, typically in my posts I try for a little levity.  I find a few funny images or gifs to liven things up, and I try to keep everything as anonymous as possible. I’ve made a real effort not to show faces on this blog, because privacy is a right that is very hard to maintain in this digital age.

Today, I’m taking a different route.

This is Hannah G.


Now, I want you to stop, and look at that picture for a second.  Keep looking. Little more.  Here, I’ll give you a couple more to help.


Ok, good.  Keep that in mind while I tell you her story.

So, on my summer Contiki, I met, ended up often rooming with and befriended another medical student. She was from the USA, and we bonded, as one does on a Contiki. We talked about our medical school experiences, and our families, and…

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