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Chicago Cubs fans and the underrated virtue of hope


Millennial writer has a new article at NCR. He writes:

I can’t describe hope easily. It’s deeper than optimism, and it clearly has some overlap with faith’s belief in the unseen. There’s an interior commitment involved. But we Catholics are a sacramental people who like visible signs that point to bigger realities. And for my money, there’s no better tangible sign of hope than Cubs fans at Wrigley Field. Not just in this rare year of on-field success, when the bleachers are full, but especially during those 72-win, 90-loss seasons — when, despite the uniquely grim history and the standings and the Chicago weather, thousands of people still put on team apparel, buy a ticket, and show up.

This type of hope — showing up when things are hard — might be exactly the virtue the Church most needs right now. We need people who keep…

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