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Honey and rosemary roasted carrots



Today I wanted to share the recipe of a delicious side dish, honey and rosemary roasted carrots. Carrots are one of those vegetables that can be prepared in a million ways, raw, juiced, steamed, roasted, mashed, boiled and so one! Of all of these roasted carrots is definitely one of my favorites, especially at this time of year.  Although, I usually tend to roast carrots in some olive oil, I’ve seen several new ways to roast carrots lately, from honey mustard glazed carrots to ginger roasted carrots! This really inspired my to try a new way to roast them! I really liked the idea of honey-glazed carrots and I had fresh rosemary at hand so I tried combining them. The combination turned out to be really flavourful. I used rainbow carrots, but regular carrots works too. Rainbow carrots are so difficult to get hold of in Norway, so I was so…

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