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Potato and green bean salad



I am in Washington DC this week visiting my sister. DC is such as hip place with a wide variety of innovative restaurants. I’ve been to some really cool food places already such as Buredo, which makes sushi burritos, and I tried the gluten free and vegetarian tacos from Chaia, which were incredibly delicious. Just before I went to DC I made this potato and bean salad for my family. I made this salad to take advantage of  potatoes and green beans in season. This salad was incredibly popular with the family. The combination of potatoes and green beans is one of my favourites. This salad is so flavorful with potatoes, lots of fresh herbs, green beans, kale, fresh herbs and also have a tangy zing from the white wine vinegar. This salad is great on it’s own for a light lunch or dinner and also pairs perfectly with fish…

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