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25 Goals for Turning 25: First Quarter Update

The 9 to 5 Wanderer

 Things have been quiet on The 9 to 5 Wanderer lately…I’m afraid the last month has been A LOT of 9 to 5 and a little wandering. A massive work project that dragged on for about a month and a half finally wrapped up today, and now I have a bit of room to breath, aka write. Between work absolutely slamming me on a daily basis and French class proving to be the hardest (but also most fulfilling) semester yet, I haven’t had much energy, or time, for anything else.

I’ve been meaning to write an update on my 25 Goals for Turning 25 for many weeks now. Since The 9 to 5 Wanderer is about travel and work, I thought it would be only appropriate to do a quarterly progress check-in to see how I’m doing with achieving my 25 for 25 goals. My office’s fiscal year starts in July, so…

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