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Knockout Boxing

Best In Class

Class: Knockout Boxing

Studio: Crunch Gym – East 59th Street

Location: 1109 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Workout Category: boxing, cardio

What ClassPass Says: “This traditional American boxing class is taught in the boxing ring, and on the floor using punching bags and jump ropes.”

My Instructor: Siu P.

Class Number: 112

Siu P. Ohhhh, Siu P. You are the craziest instructor I’ve had to date. Rough around the edges, some might say a little mean at times, really passionate about boxing, and definitely somebody who doesn’t take shit. And I loved everything about it.

When Siu P entered the fitness room, he had everybody move in close around him and took a general survey to see who was new to boxing and how much general experience was in the room. He had us all stand in a boxing stance and shuffle our feet…

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