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A Day (Weekend) in the Life

How Do I Grown Up

This lovely first weekend of October turned out to be rather interesting. Well, interesting in comparison to the typical “laze around in bed until mid-afternoon when I get anxious and need to do something so I force boyfriend to go for a walk with me” kind of weekend.

Saturday was hair day, the day to end the battle of the dark (and too much grey) hair invading my head. While I promised Boyfriend it would only take about 90 minutes (something I truly believed), it was close to 4.5 hours…

In the end I came out a few shades lighter, hangry as all get out and frustrated beyond belief.

Luckily for me (and honestly anyone in my general vicinity) Boyfriend is good at calming me down. After a long and ridiculous bus ride home, what calms an annoyed girl better than take-out teriyaki, ice cream and Netflix?*

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