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Vienna: Top things to do and see


Vienna is the capital of Austria and a real magnet when it comes to tourism. Not only the protected historical old town, but especially the Spanish Riding School are really worth visiting. Below, you can check out what to do and see in Vienna!

  1. Stroll through Vienna’s historical old town

Most of the Old Town in Vienna is a pedestrian zone which makes it very easy and comfortable to get around.

Old Town Vienna Pedestrian Zone in Vienna

Pedestrian Zone in Vienna and Old City Pedestrian Zone in Vienna

The most interesting thing definitely is the architecture and the buildings from another century! But be sure to not miss the St. Peter’s Basilica.

  1. Visit the Spanish Riding School

If there is something having a lot of tradition in Vienna, then it’s the Spanish Riding School for sure!

Spanish Riding School Vienna Spanish Riding School Vienna

But this time, it’s not enough to admire the building – get a ticket for one of the shows…

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