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The Law’s of Attraction…

Weird and Wonderful


“You attract what you put out. Be mindful.”

All this mindfulness, is making me mindful. Love it. My friend just got back what she gave to me: I was being mindful.
As I tried to give her the advice of having a separate account for business and that I would do the same. I felt I was going through a transitional phase. I felt as though the in between awkward times I had when she picked me up – made me think she was going through a tough time also: I was being mindful.

Wow! My moment was an emotional roller coaster but my word I don’t think it is my fault. I have always had to rely on other’s for help and they are getting fed up. Why? Because my family have never been ‘the bloods thicker than water‘ type; they have not made many sacrifices for…

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