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A Teenagers Writing: Paper Hearts

Everything and Nothing

Hey guys,

For this week, I decided to share this song I’d written.

It’s based on Paper Towns a book by John Green and to be very honest it’s one of the very few books of his that I’ve actually liked… 

So I decided to write a song? Well, something like that (because obviously, every time you read a book, you write a song for it :P) …. Let me know if you like it 🙂

Paper Hearts

I watched the lightning strike,

Watched it tear down trees,

Thought of you and I,

How we used to be.

Saw all the memories again,

In a split second,

Felt the walls closing in,

Felt all those stares.

And I don’t want to stay no more,

Living with these paper hearts,

All over these paper towns,

Watching every move we make,


So let’s get away,

We can just run away,


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