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Crushed, As It Sounds


The devious nature of an artist is that he should be somewhat blamed for the fact that what has been created makes less sense than the expense of the bane of being eluded. The message is unclear, obviously, what on earth would be the point if it was? It would again, more likely, get complained about for being too simple or not having enough character in the style of what has been written. Smitten, not really, you’ve become a buoyant annoyance and to assume that you wouldn’t command any sort of defined understanding for what has been presented. Listen when someone tells you inaccuracies are just a social construction, its not wrong, its just considered wrong.

The undoing of themselves lies manifested in the judgments and scrutinizing others around them, by them. Watchful eyes, in a surprising manner, able to dampen the coruscation of a man who’d happily craft a benchmark…

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