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Speedy Tips for Speed Networking Events


PULSE CHECK! Do you have business cards on hand?

Business Cards

Check your purse, briefcase, wallet… covered? Good.

You never know you may meet and where. Make sure you have a business card at the ready.

Last week I attended what I thought was a small get-together, which in reality turned out to be a much larger extravaganza, complete with media presences and elevator cocktails — yes, elevator cocktails are real and they’re lovely. Good thing is, I was well-dressed and wore heels, as at 5’1″ I want to be able to be seen. 🙂

Bad thing was, I completely forgot business cards.D’oh. Fortunately, I was able to get business cards from those I spoke with and made sure I touched base first thing the following morning. I wouldn’t recommend going to an event, no matter how big or small you expect it to be, empty-handed. You just never know.

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