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Salzburg: Top things to do and see


Salzburg is the city where the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and lived. Even though Salzburg’s tourism is surely motivated by Mozart, the city in Austria has much more to offer! Especially the old buildings and past architecture are worth checking out, but also the inner city and the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

  1. Breath historic (fl)air

Admittedly, this may not be a real activity to do. But I promise you, when being in Salzburg, you feel like visiting a past century.

Salzburg historic city

The whole city is historic when it comes to architecture. The only missing thing are horse carriages…

  1. Visit Mozart’s Birth House

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This incredible famous and musically brilliant man was actually born in Salzburg, Austria.

Mozart Birth House Birth house of Mozart

No wonder the house he was born in is very well maintained and accessible for tourists – in form of a museum! Nowadays, it is one of the…

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