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Here We Go! (Or, Im Starting Over, So Can You!)

You Should See My Scars


So I am here at the Qantas lounge at LAX  (One World Business Lounge at Tom Bradley Terminal for all you nerds out there)

…I found a really good deal on a business class flight, trust me I’m not rich enough to have this be my normal airport experience!

Anyhoo, my flight leaves in 2 hours for New Zealand where I will be a starting a life from scratch.   I will have find an apartment, a job, friends, a therapist, everything.  Starting from square 1.   I am shitting my pants because it seems terrifying and hard and scary and could all fall apart.

However I’m also really excited.  I mean I’m moving to a new country!  How could that not be exciting right?   I can’t just let fear keep me down can I?

So whats the point?  The point is if I can do it so can…

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