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Day 19: Ear We Go Again

Mission Trimpossible

I need to stop watching Dexter right before I go to sleep. Instead of getting a good night’s sleep my ears stay tuned in to my surroundings. I guess they think someone is going to break into my apartment. It’s probably good to be aware, but after a few days my inner ears are ringing. You know the scene where the Grinch goes “The NOISE NOISE NOISE!!!” Ugh, that’s where it got to yesterday.

I had planned on a 1 mile walk yesterday. Instead, I took a nap. I had to. My ears hurt, my head hurt, and I felt like i was on fire. Putting earplugs in really helps. It takes off the pressure on your ears. At least it does for me. I cooled down a little, but I was still overheating. After about an hour I was able to take out one ear plug and semi function. I…

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