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Walk With Me.

Michelle Leigh Writes

walk with me

“I know I messed up,” he says sheepishly.

“I’m sure it won’t be the last time,” she says arms folded over her heart.

“Why do I keep doing this? I don’t mean to hurt you,” he says frustrated.

“Maybe because none of us are perfect. We just float around and try our best, and hope to God we get it right,” she says as she avoids eye contact, she kicks her feet in the sand.

“And if we don’t?” he says nervously.

“If we don’t, we hope that the person we hurt, can forgive us.” she says with a faint smile, looking up at him.

Clouds move.

Dreams shift from hearts to hands.

Sun shines bright, as the day nears its end.

Bare feet walk through miles of sand.

Waves pouring in the ocean, for eternity.

And in the whisper of the wind they stand.

On a beach somewhere.



It doesn’t really matter.

Heartbreak can…

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