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How Working to Prove Your Worth Keeps You from Succeeding


This is a post inspired by Brene Brown’s appearance on an Oprah Soul Sunday. In the video below, Brene talks about “the Hustler” AKA her ego. She speaks about how “the Hustler” tells you ‘you don’t have any inherent worth, you have to hustle for it’. It encourages you to do as much as possible to build up a track record as proof that you deserve some recognition.

Running yourself ragged to prove something so basic as the fact that you do, in fact, add something of value to the world can end up holding you back from what you’re actually supposed to be focusing on. When you’re passionate about something, or eager to start working on something new, your worth comes out through that. In today’s job market, we all are striving to climb over each other and prove our uniqueness. Everyone wants to stand out and I know that…

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