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the most wonderful time of the year… || pumpkin spice smoothie

she be kale-in' it

pumpkin spice. likely the most overdone food craze associated with fall. it’s everywhere + i love it.

no shame here, i’m on the pumpkin spice bandwagon.
i’m also a smoothie connoisseur (self-proclaimed) so it may not be shocking that my first pumpkin inspired treat this fall blended the two.

the autumnal squash isn’t just delicious, it is truly healthy. pumpkin has fiber, tons of vitamin A + beta-carotene which make it a nutrition powerhouse- so long as you use REAL pumpkin, not some sugary-syrup-substitute. (ew).

i buy a can of organic pumpkin puree- with only one ingredient (can you guess?) at my local grocery store.

within minutes i made a frothy, spicy, slightly sweet smoothie packed with pumpkin + anti inflammatory spices like cinnamon + ginger. (yum).

pumpkin spice smoothie

// p u m p k i n s p i c e smoothie//

½ can of organic pumpkin puree
1 cup of almond milk

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