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On Top Of The World: Vermont

Erin Leigh Ever After


I took an occasional skiing trip to Vermont with my family as a kid. Last winter, I got the chance to return again when I received a three day stay at the Summit Lodge in Killington as a Christmas present. So, I packed my bags and gathered up my boyfriend and took off for Vermont for a long weekend during our winter break from college.

The Summit Lodge was a great place to stay and had the ultimate Vermont, cabin-feel. The lodge featured an indoor whirlpool, heated outdoor pool, made-to-order omelets (!!) as a part of the complimentary breakfast, and delicious restaurant and bar; but my absolute favorite part of this particular lodge was two of the permanent residents there. The lodge is famous for having St. Bernard dogs that live on site! Over 40 years, the Summit Lodge has housed a male and a female St. Bernard simultaneously. They’re known around town as the Summit Saints!

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