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Travel America on a Budget with 4 Easy Tips


The number one excuse we hear from folks not being able to travel – “I don’t have any money”!! This is not a valid excuse. No worries my friends, we are sharing all of our secrets that allow us to spend more time traveling and than we doworking! We’re not rich, we don’t have a trust fund, we haven’tinherited any money from some long lost relative, we aren’t college graduates. We are simply two resourceful individuals who prioritize what we spend our hard earned money on! To put the icing on the cake, there are A TON of folks just like us. We all have our own tricks to save money and maximize what we have, and these are ours!

  • Lodging – To travel for months on end, your money won’t last long if you’re staying in hotels. Even if it’s a budget, Motel 6, $40/night will add up real…

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