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The Unfortunate Downfall Of Pemberley Digital


It’s likely you don’t know what Pemberley Digital is or what they do. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? No? Well, here’s the dealio:

The Lizzie Bennet Diariesis a modern web adaptation of the famous Pride And Prejudice. It’s done in the style of a vlog and it’s all on YouTube. I heard about it online from someone who thought it was real. I didn’t know anything about Pride And Prejudice (or vlogging for that matter) so I believed it too for the first 20 videos I watched. Eventually I realized it was all thought out and scripted. In the LDB, Darcy managed a company called Pemberley Digital and now, the real life company that made the LBD uses the name. Yes, they pulled a Starkid. 😛

Lizzie (in the center) with sisters Lydia and Jane (top and right, respectively) and best friend Charlotte (left)

The Lizzie Bennet…

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